Where can I learn how to record music?

Technology moves fast, so does the music world and especially the digital audio world. What was cool last year, maybe cliche this year…vocoders for instance were cool at first, but now everyone and there brother is overusing autotune.

You have hardware and software that may be confusing or tough to learn. Reading the book or manual can be like pulling teeth. I do recommend keeping manuals around for technical specs and quick answers to questions but there are quicker ways to get the information you seek.

When you are just getting started recording in your home studio it can seem like a big scary world. You may feel like you are not doing things right, but don’t fret…no pun intended, there is help.

Look to the web

There are tons of message boards, forums and blogs that focus on recording music. As equipment gets cheaper, more and more people are recording music at home. Many of these people love to offer help and share advice. Find these people, and ask questions.

If you are planning to learn how to sing then you can opt for a portable vocal booth.

Youtube is also an excellent place to find tutorials on setting up mics, eq, mastering, using software, etc. You can spend hours on Youtube watching tutorials. Be careful, as there are millions of “watch me play” videos, try and stick with the tutorials and videos that actually teach you something, rather than just some kid in his bedroom stroking his ego.

Google can be your best friend. For instance, when I Google “recording guitar” I get 36,500,000 results. There are articles, discussions, and videos that will point you in the right direction. Google each technique that you need help with, you’d be amazed how much great information is out ther for you. You can even get very specific with your search terms such as “recording distorted electric guitar with Pro Tools and AKG c100s.”

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