Pok Wireless Foot Controller Review

How many times have you been sitting behind a drum kit or at the organ laying down a track and oops, you screw up. Now I have to walk over to the computer, reset the track, hit record and quickly run back over and sit down again. Very frustrating when you are recording alone.

There may be a solution to this dilema. X-Tempo Zone created an awesome product called the Pok. It is a wireless foot controller that controls your DAW (as well as other things).

X-Tempo Zone was cool enough to send me a Pok Wireless controller for review. I was instantly in love with this controller. It was built very sturdy and looked awesome too. I noticed immediately how much more effecient the Pok makes the recording process. No more getting up and resetting takes, no more tripping over cables, no more missing the first bar of the song.

The Pok allows you to free up your hands and use your feet to control your DAW. The Pok wireless signal will reach up to 100 feet. I would imagine there would also be some really awesome live applications for the Pok as well, but I rarely play live these days. Imagine triggering drums, loops, sequences and backing tracks without your hands ever touching the laptop. You could be your own one man band!

The Pok can be customized and will support over 20 commands. The Pok has 8 pedals and each pedal can have three functions.The Pok comes programmed for Pro Tools but can be used with all other leading DAWs such as Ableton Live, Acid Pro, Audacity, Ardour, Audition, Cubase, Digital Performer, FL Studio, GarageBand, Logic, n-Track, Nuendo, Reaper, Record, Sonar, and Sound Forge. It comes with editing software so you can easily customize everything to your specific needs.

Even for those not doing the playing, the pok can be a godsend. Setting up the microphones for that perfect acoustic room sound? You can test the sound quality from the recording point, adjust the mics and test it again, without having to run back to your computer.

The Pok actually emulates a computer keyboard and sends the keystrokes (including macros) directly to your computer using a USB device. It is completely wireless and runs on batteries so it can be easily moved to where you need it most. The thing I like the best about the POK is that you can configure it to control the things you do most with your DAW. Since the Pok is actually just a keyboard, you can customize it to do other things. It will basically work with any software that accepts keyboard commands. The sky is the limit to what you can do with the Pok wireless controller.

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The Pok goes for around $320 and for $50 more you can get a nice gig case for it. Check out X-Tempo Zone for details on the Pok Wireless Controller.

The Pok is an extremely valuable tool for those of us who record alone. I highly recommend giving the Pok a try if you are looking for a better way to control your DAW remotely.

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