Pets Falling In love with Music

When it comes to decorating your home, you want to keep all your family members in mind—including your pets. A warm, comfortable environment that’s attractive and pet friendly is easy to achieve if you know how. The key is to be mindful of major items like rugs, walls, and furniture.

Find a Magic Carpet

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a magic carpet that instantly removed pet stains and odors once they occurred? Until then, we will just have to accept that stuff happens and clean up is inevitable. To make life a little easier, be conscious of your choices for carpeting.

When choosing carpet, try to avoid wall-to-wall carpeting if at all possible. It acts as a magnet for pet hair, odors and stains. Eventually those stains seep in and become embedded in the fibers and it’s more difficult to remove them. If you must have wall-to-wall, then opt for low pile since it’s easier to keep clean.

Area rugs are a much better choice for a pet-friendly home. If they become soiled you can either toss them in the wash or throw them out and replace them. Stick to inexpensive rugs so you won’t feel devastated when Fido or Fluffy ruins them. Natural fiber rugs like sisal, jute or seagrass are great for withstanding anything your pet can dish out. Pets also love their photos, you can put some pet portraits, so make them happy.

Avoid the Wall of Shame

As your pets parade through the house, they’ll often leave marks on the walls. Cats love to rub their faces along corners and door edges, thus leaving smudges. And dogs can be notorious for hitting a wall with drool and slobber from across the room. To avoid having walls of shame, choose durable semi-gloss or washable paint for your walls. It’s much easier to clean and it comes in a variety of soft finishes like satin and eggshell.

Let Your Furniture Save Face

Even if you have the most well behaved pet, your furniture is still subject to scratches, stains, rips and tears. Training them to avoid certain pieces is helpful and will save your furniture. However if you’re like most people, you love to have your dog or cat sit on the couch with you. If that’s the case, then select items with durable fabrics like Ultrasuede, denim or twill. There is even a special pet resistant fabric called Crypton. Finally consider matching your furniture with your pet to camouflage those pesky pet hairs. As much as you may vacuum, you can’t get them all.

So when it comes time to decorate your home, keep your furry friend in mind and make it a pet project!

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