Pets Falling In love with Music

When it comes to decorating your home, you want to keep all your family members in mind—including your pets. A warm, comfortable environment that’s attractive and pet friendly is easy to achieve if you know how. The key is to be mindful of major items like rugs, walls, and furniture.

Find a Magic Carpet

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a magic carpet that instantly removed pet stains and odors once they occurred? Until then, we will just have to accept that stuff happens and clean up is inevitable. To make life a little easier, be conscious of your choices for carpeting. read more

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Where can I learn how to record music?

Technology moves fast, so does the music world and especially the digital audio world. What was cool last year, maybe cliche this year…vocoders for instance were cool at first, but now everyone and there brother is overusing autotune.

You have hardware and software that may be confusing or tough to learn. Reading the book or manual can be like pulling teeth. I do recommend keeping manuals around for technical specs and quick answers to questions but there are quicker ways to get the information you seek. read more

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