Pets Falling In love with Music

When it comes to decorating your home, you want to keep all your family members in mind—including your pets. A warm, comfortable environment that’s attractive and pet friendly is easy to achieve if you know how. The key is to be mindful of major items like rugs, walls, and furniture.

Find a Magic Carpet

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a magic carpet that instantly removed pet stains and odors once they occurred? Until then, we will just have to accept that stuff happens and clean up is inevitable. To make life a little easier, be conscious of your choices for carpeting. read more

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Where can I learn how to record music?

Technology moves fast, so does the music world and especially the digital audio world. What was cool last year, maybe cliche this year…vocoders for instance were cool at first, but now everyone and there brother is overusing autotune.

You have hardware and software that may be confusing or tough to learn. Reading the book or manual can be like pulling teeth. I do recommend keeping manuals around for technical specs and quick answers to questions but there are quicker ways to get the information you seek. read more

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Smart Loops MIDI Drum Loops Complete Review

I recently got the MIDI Drum Loops Complete library from Smart loops. Very impressive collection of MIDI drum loops. I’m taking down my “Drummer Wanted” ad.

Seriously, I can see myself using Smart Loops as my go to for beats on future recordings. MIDI Drum Loops Complete includes a wide variety of beats, fills and patterns. I was impressed with the fact that each groove includes a ton of variation. For instance, if you need a double kick fill, there are 10 different patterns to choose from. Making it very easy to find the fill that would perfectly fit your particular part. Some of the grooves have as many as twenty different variations, now that’s awesome. read more

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Pok Wireless Foot Controller Review

How many times have you been sitting behind a drum kit or at the organ laying down a track and oops, you screw up. Now I have to walk over to the computer, reset the track, hit record and quickly run back over and sit down again. Very frustrating when you are recording alone.

There may be a solution to this dilema. X-Tempo Zone created an awesome product called the Pok. It is a wireless foot controller that controls your DAW (as well as other things).

X-Tempo Zone was cool enough to send me a Pok Wireless controller for review. I was instantly in love with this controller. It was built very sturdy and looked awesome too. I noticed immediately how much more effecient the Pok makes the recording process. No more getting up and resetting takes, no more tripping over cables, no more missing the first bar of the song. read more

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Portable Vocal Booth Home Version

Editors Keys makes some really cool and innovative products. They recently contacted me to do a review of the Portable Vocal Booth Home Version. What a treat, this product is so cool, I was very excited to give it a try.

First of all it is very sturdy and easy to setup. I had it put together and on my mic stand in less than five minutes. Basically what it does is surrounds your mic with soundproof foam. This is a great way to create clean vocals without reverb as well as keeping out computer noise, barking dogs, crying babies and screaming wives. read more

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Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0 Review

The people at Toontrack were cool enough to send me a copy of Superior Drummer 2.0 for review. I’ve heard a ton about it by reading on the web and I’ve watched lots of videos and heard demo songs created using Superior Drummer 2.0. Needless, to say I was pretty excited to get my mits on it and try it out.

Superior Drummer 2.0 comes on 5 DVD’s. Install was relatively painless and authorizing the program wasn’t too bad either. There are four different modes of custom installation, from the 4Gb basic install up to the full 20Gb sound bank. I had used EZdrummer in the past and Superior Drummer 2.0 seems like a huge step up from that. There are a ton of settings in this puppy. Actually, the interface seemed a bit daunting at first. Took me a while to figure out what was going on. read more

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